VIRTIGATION IPM workshop Almería

VIRTIGATION Workshop on IPM strategies for virus control in horticultural greenhouses

On the 22nd of February 2024, VIRTIGATION partners AGAPA and TECNOVA will organise a stakeholder workshop on IPM strategies for virus control in horticultural greenhouses in Almería.

First promising project results shared with stakeholders

As VIRTIGATION research & innovation activities have progressed into first field trials, the project will gather stakeholders from Europe’s greenhouse capital to share first promising results. Hence, the aim of this technical session with stakeholders is to provide insights to e.g. growers, agro-industry companies (i.e. seed and plant protection industries) and extension services, so that these key actors could apply these first project findings in practice. This concerns especially the implementation of IPM strategies for controlling ToBRFV and ToLCNDV in horticultural greenhouses.  

In Almería, VIRTIGATION will present in particular first results from the following areas:

  • Results of surveys carried out with growers in Spain on the biorational control of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci;

  • Tests of natural insecticide formulations for the control of whiteflies in the greenhouse;

  • Optimization of solarization assays to eradicate tobamovirus (e.g. ToBRFV) outbreaks.

Workshop programme

Taking place at the centro tecnológico TECNOVA in the Parque Científico Tecnológico PITA Almería, the stakeholder workshop will enable a profound dialogue between VIRTIGATION and the Almería horticulture value chain actors, in order to discuss IPM strategies to protect greenhouse tomatoes and cucurbits from emerging viral diseases caused by ToBRFV and ToLCNDV. 

Our partners TECNOVA and AGAPA, the National Knowledge Broker for the VIRTIGATION network in Spain, are organizing this workshop for the vibrant Almería horticultural ecosystem. The workshop will be conducted in Spanish. Registration is free of charge.

VIRTIGATION IPM workshop virus control greenhouses stakeholders Almeria