VIRTIGATION success stories: Second batch of EIP-AGRI Practice Abstracts released

VIRTIGATION has released its second batch of EIP-AGRI Practice Abstracts, which provide useful guidance and information to the stakeholders of our multi-actor network.

Hands-on tools for value chain actors

As a Horizon 2020 multi-actor project, VIRTIGATION’s mission is to provide its stakeholders with hands-on tools about the emerging plant viruses addressed by the project – especially ToLCNDV and ToBRFV

With the publication of the project’s second batch of these tools, which can be also downloaded from our website here, VIRTIGATION partners bring their recently gained know-how to value chain actors. The members of the VIRTIGATION network can benefit from practical guidance and information on how to better tackle the whitefly-transmitted ToLCNDV and the mechanically-transmitted ToBRFV.

Scroll through our project’s second batch of EIP-AGRI Practice Abstracts below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the VIRTIGATION National Knowledge Brokers in our focus countries to join our stakeholder network