Multi Actor Approach


The main aim of the project’s multi-actor approach is to co-create research and share new knowledge on emerging viral diseases in tomatoes and cucurbits, mainly on those caused by begomoviruses and tobamoviruses. For this purpose, VIRTIGATION will establish a multi-stakeholder network, the VIRTIGATION network, to enable co-design between project partners and the involved stakeholders in the project. The specific objectives of the multi-actor approach are to:

• Create common tools and guidelines for the implementation of the multi-actor approach
• Establish the VIRTIGATION network at various governance levels (local, national, cross-border) in the project’s 11 focus countries in Europe and worldwide (Israel, Morocco, India)
• Use the project’s national knowledge brokers (NKBs) to define a joint approach for all parts of the VIRTIGATION network to harmonize protocols and methods used for data gathering and delivering co-creation
• Coordinate events, joint activities and prepare Practice Abstracts for the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) to stimulate co-design and exchange of knowledge between the VIRTIGATION consortium and the stakeholders of the VIRTIGATION network

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