IAPV25: VIRTIGATION joins flagship plant health event as organiser

iapv25 virtigation

The International Advances in Plant Virology (IAPV) conference brings together leading plant virologists. For the IAPV25 taking place from 8-11 April 2025 in Murcia, Spain, VIRTIGATION will co-host this flagship plant health event.

IAPV25: pioneering research advances in plant virology

The Virology group of the renowned Association of Applied Biologists organises the IAPV, which take place every three years to discuss and assess the latest scientific findings in all aspects of plant virology. We are very excited that for the IAPV25, the VIRTIGATION project will co-host this key gathering alongside the Euphresco project community network for practices in plant virology (VIRNET2).

VIRTIGATION: protecting tomatoes and cucurbit crops

VIRTIGATION, a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, is at the forefront of protecting tomato and cucurbit crops from emerging plant viruses. This project aims to develop a set of bio-based remedies to safeguard tomato and cucurbit from these devastating viruses. We will propose and demonstrate several innovative solutions, including vaccines for the plants, biopesticides against virus vectors, as well as new Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies.

Tackling plant viruses through scientific excellence

The IAPV25 co-hosted by VIRTIGATION will cover cutting-edge topics, each playing a critical role in tackling plant viruses through scientific excellence. Plant viruses cause significant crop losses across the globe, and are responsible for a large proportion of devastating plant diseases. This edition of the IAPV will cover a broad array of plant virology research areas, including notably the molecular mechanisms of plant-virus interactions; the applied consequences of plant virus infection; evolutionary and ecological aspects of plant viruses and exploring how plant viruses can be utilised in biotechnology. 

virtigation iapv25

VIRTIGATION sessions at the IAPV25

At the IAPV25, the VIRTIGATION project will organise two sessions on how to protect greenhouse-grown tomato and cucurbit crops from plant viruses. The first session will focus on addressing plant viruses transmitted by insect plant pests such as whiteflies, while the second session will explore strategies to safeguarding tomato and cucurbit crops from mechanically transmitted plant viruses.

Agenda and registration to the IAPV25

Participation to the IAPV25 is possible in person or online for a registration fee that the Virology group of the Association of Applied Biologists will announce  in the coming months. Registration is open as of 1st of January 2025. Check out the conference website for the full agenda & registration details here below.

DATE: 8-11 April 2025
Location: Aula de Cultura Cajamurcia, Murcia, Spain