TMV substrate solarization steaming

How to disinfect TMV contaminated substrate by using solarization and steaming

VIRTIGATION partners  TECNOVA and Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen have developed a new poster to guide growers on how to disinfect TMV-contaminated substrate with solarization and steaming.

Tobacco mosaic virus - first tobamovirus discovered

The tobamovirus Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) was the first virus to be discovered over a century ago and was the first virus ever purified. It has since yielded fascinating insights into how viruses infect their hosts. Hosts for TMV include tobacco and tomato plants. In VIRTIGATION, TECNOVA and Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen are working on optimizing eradication methods after tobamovirus outbreaks, notably through validation of solarization and steaming methods. Check out their poster below with practical guidance for growers in particular on how to use solarization and steaming to get rid of tobamoviruses like TMV: 

tobamovirus substrate solarization steaming

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