Best of VIRTIGATION explained series

ToBRFV, ToLCNDV, TYLCV, Bemisia tabaci, IPM, viral genome sequencing… what is behind these key terms of the Horizon 2020 VIRTIGATION project? Why are emerging viral diseases a threat to tomatoes and cucurbits? How did these impact fields and greenhouses in Europe and across the globe? And how can we protect tomatoes and cucurbits as vital staple crops for the future?

Consequently, our recent social media series “VIRTIGATION explained” shed a light on the science & purpose of the EU-funded VIRTIGATION project. By using popular science communication tools such as short videos and infographics, we delivered the complex answers to these questions in layman terms.  Discover the top editions of the VIRTIGATION explained series: 

5 facts about tomatoes and cucurbits

Firstly, VIRTIGATION explained focused on the fruits and vegetables covered by our project, the humble tomatoes and cucurbits. Here are 5 facts about these key ingredients in our daily lives:

Infographics and video highlights

Afterwards, other instalments of the VIRTIGATION explained series detailed in particular the research plan of our project. Additionally, we outlined the main aims of the multi-actor approach of with its VIRTIGATION network. View the gallery below gathering the video playlist and the infographics of VIRTIGATION explained: